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Our Team


Our Team

Chris Andrew

Director: Wealth Management

Email: ca@clarmond.co.uk

Before founding Clarmond Advisors in 2010 Chris has worked for 14 years in the family office and investment world. He worked at Consulta Limited, a multi-family office and investment firm since 1996. Chris is an IIMR qualified Fund Manager and has consistently worked with international and UK-based clients on their asset allocation and portfolio and wealth structuring.

Mustafa Zaidi

Director: Research

Email: mnz@clarmond.co.uk

Mustafa was the co-founder of Octane, an alternatives solutions provider to institutional clients and its Director of funds; he sold his holdings to Sanlam Insurance company at the end of 2009. He has more than 22 years in investment experience and was strategist at the Lexington Worldwide Emerging Markets fund along with an emerging markets hedge fund. He also worked at Cambridge Associates (Boston), a consultancy to endowments and universities.  Mustafa has a BA (History and Economics) from Brown University, an MA (War Studies) from King's College and was a DPhil (candidate) at Balliol College, Oxford University.