About Clarmond

Our Philosophy

Clarmond Wealth has a number of core beliefs which create not only the framework for dealing with clients and their objectives, but also illustrate how Clarmond will continue to develop as a business.

Independence & Continuity

Clarmond builds long-term relationships based on unbiased and objective advice. To minimise conflicts of interest we are compensated directly by our clients. If conflicts do arise, they are dealt with transparently and fairly.


In an increasingly impersonal world Clarmond provides clients with a very personal service. We report in a concise manner and communicate with clients in ways that are easily understandable. We endeavour to understand a client’s full needs and how these may change over the years.


We focus our energy where it counts by spending time understanding the investment, financial and business environment and by tailoring the solutions which match the client’s needs.

Creative Thinking

The landscape of investment and business has changed radically over the last 20 years; the next 20 years will likely have even greater change. Clarmond will remain alert to these movements and will endeavour to stay one step ahead of the marketplace.